Looking back and saying Thank You

May 4, 2009

I have taken a rest from posting here lately.

I was busy and now I amĀ  back to say thank you.

Many of the affirmations I posted here about 6 months ago are now real.

I have moved into a spacious house that is in the best possible place for me at this time, the band is going great, I am healthy, my singing is coming along great and so on….

While I believe it is preferable to live in the present ( and not in the past ), I realize now how important it can be to look back and to agknowledge how things unfold.

When faced with a problem it’s so easy to forget all of the times when challenging situations have been overcome and led to a positive outcome.

I am grateful for every challenge I have ever been through. I am grateful for all the positive outcomes.

I am confident that everything is working out for the best, no matter what.

Thank you



One Response to “Looking back and saying Thank You”

  1. Sara Says:


    I am so pleased that you gave your energy to your affirmations and they have born fruit. It’s lovely to read about someone’s success. It’s good to know you’re happy and your music is flowing — that in itself is all the gratitude needed!

    I do agree that it is easy to forget how we’ve overcome our challenges. I think we believe we must move on. I believe, however, it’s good to rejoice in our victories. There will always be more challenges…so enjoy the moment and thanks for letting me enjoy it with you:~)

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